Why create Ogre Island?

We are often ask why we created Ogre Island, and why is it still running after all these years.
The answer is simple, fun :)

So far we have generated 492,799 hours of fun gameplay and plan on many more.

We might be the smallest MMORPG, however its a little know fact that we are also the oldest MMORPG still online! Launched in 1999 we were the very first to put a web based MMORPG that only required a browser and no download.

The small community of players have helped to create the game, putting countless hours into ideas, time and art to help grow the game.
Some of the best gaming ideas online today were born in our little gaming enviroment, such as a f2p with a virtual economy that was based off of purchases.

If you are, have ever or plan on enjoying the game, then you will never have to ask why :)
We encourage all game players to have fun!