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Player Guide

Player Game Window
How to Chat
Player Parties
Equipping Items
Using Potions and Food
Purchasing and Riding Horses
Training A Pet
Using Doors
Player Trades
Interacting With Your Bank
Creating and Joining a Guild

Player Game Window

Along the top of the screen, youll see a bunch of tabs you can click on to open other windows.

Character - opens your character information center where you will raise your stats with focus points, skills with rank points you earn when you level and keep track of your trade skills, when you get them. Each stat has an explanation of what it helps.

Maps - This is a very handy window that will help you locate areas in the game and see where other players are at.

Quests - here you will find a list of all quests that are in the game.

Players - This tab shows you what players are online as well as players that have logged out. You can also request a player party in this window.

Settings - In this tab, youre able to configure your hotkeys to use instead of clicking a mouse, load a different skin design, plugins that are available and a development tab.

Bug report - Next to the settings tab, theres a little orange fellow peeking over the screen. If you have a bug to report, click on him and the bug report window will open.

To the right of that are your characters health bars. Within the playing window, youll notice a location name top middle of the screen. That will tell you where youre currently at. To the right of that are a set of numbers. Those are coordinates of your current location. Under the coordinates, youll notice another set of vertical tabs.

Menu lines - Opens the window

Suitcase - Opens your bag with 6 quick use slots underneath. You can arrange the items by typing /arrange. You can also use the drop down menu to view items in certain categories.

Character - Opens your character page where you can change clothes, weapons and tools also allowing to switch between 3 pages

Eye - Allows you to see anyone near your location

Player+ - Allows you to join a party with other players

Animal - Opens your pet window

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Between the playing and chat screens, youll notice some images. This is your skill bar and where you will click to attack and use skills as well as items placed in your quick use slots.
On the left side of the screen, there is a slide bar. This is to zoom in and out in the playing window.

How to Chat

Chat -
Chatting in the game is easy. Simply click on the text bar to highlight it and type. Either hit enter or click "chat" to post your comment in the chat.
Chat channels - You might have noticed there are separate chat channels. When you first log in, youre defaulted into Lazy Ogre. To leave a chat channel, simply uncheck the box next to the corresponding channel. You will no longer be able to see the chat in that channel and wont be able to chat in it until you either select it again or type the / command. To select a channel to chat in, simply click the name of the channel. Please use the appropriate channel for your discussion.
Nearby- Only players in your nearby location can see your chat. You can also use this channel by typing the command /L then your message.
Lazy Ogre - This is global chat. Anyone who is online and in that channel is able to see what you type. You can also use this channel by typing the command /O then your message.
Dragons Perch - This channel is used for role playing discussions. Your character needs to be level 15 to join this channel. You can also use this channel by typing the command /D then your message.
Party - This channel is used for members in a party to communicate with each other. You can also use this channel by typing the command /P then your message.
Guild - This channel is used for guild members. When you join a guild, you can use this to privately communicate with all of your guild members at once. You can also use this channel by typing the command /G then your message.
Private - Private messages can be sent and received to specific players. In order to send these messages, you will type the command /T playername, then your message. To respond to a private message sent to you by another player, simply type /R then your message.

In all chat, please be mindful of other players and be polite. Everyone is on to have fun and enjoy themselves. Any foul language will result in a system mute for a predetermined amount of time. You will be unable to chat during that period. If you feel you are being harassed or abused by another player or just want to inform the team of abuse, please email team@ogreisland.com.

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• Training

Training -

Your skill buttons are in the skill bar located between the playing and chat screens. Click on those buttons and your character will attack. You will either auto select targets, when they initiate the attack, or you can click on them then attack. Each button has a cool down period meaning you are not able to click that button again until the countdown is up. As soon as youre able, click to attack again. As you kill things, you gain experience which can be viewed in the character menu on the right side. It will show your current level, how much experience you currently have and how much you need until you reach the next level.

When you first enter the game you will stand next to a dark stony pillar, called a Spawn Stone. You are at the south east part of Ogre Island. There are some Pirates nearby, but they're a little too strong for a brand new character. For your first battle to be an easy one, follow the path leading northwest. At the end, you'll find a tall tree and just north of the tree a small tent. Inside the tent there are few tiny creatures called Imps who shouldn't give you much trouble and may drop something you can use.

You can also explore the Clearwater Landing area further up north. You might encounter some Seagulls, Squirrels, Cows or other wildlife, who are the easiest enemies in the game.

If you die, its perfectly alright. Youll respawn at the spawn stone where you first entered the game. Youll be able to locate more stones in the future when you start wandering around. Simply walk up to one you find and click on it to attune your lifeforce to that stone. When you die in the future, you will respawn at that stone.

When you level, you will gain 6 focus points. To apply your Focus Points, click the Character button at the top of the game screen.

The game screen explains the effect of each stat in detail. END increases your health health and you carry capacity, which is very helpful for new characters. Depending on your class, youll want to focus more on certain stats than others. Example: Mages rely on magic and wear clothes so youll want to focus more on mag and int.

You will also gain Skill Points at this time. In the Character tab, click on the Skills section. Youll earn 1 Rank Point every time you level up, which you can use to unlock your other skills. To unlock your skills, click on the main circle which will place a check mark inside and will add the skill icon to the skill bar. To level each skill, you will need to add rank points to the sub circles, max of 5 per each.

There are many different locations youre able to fight and get stronger. Its all personal preference - some players prefer to wander around in the wilderness while others prefer to kill things inside dungeons. If you open the map and hover your mouse over locations, it will show you the name of the location as well as the levels you should be to enter. There are no restrictions but if youre not strong enough, you wont survive long. The same thing for different wilderness zones.

Player Parties / Interaction

Player parties can come in handy when you want to take on a huge boss, help each other get stronger, or to assist each other in completing quests. To join a player party, simply click on the Players tab at the top of the game screen. Next to the players names is a Party Invite button. Click that button and it will send a request to the player. Once youre in a party, all experience gained from fighting is shared between all players involved. Whenever you wish to leave the party, simply click on the Party tab in the tabs on the right side of the screen and click Leave Party. You will no longer share experience.

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When you kill monsters, a loot bag will open up with items inside. You can take those items to put on your own character or sell to the vendors located in towns to gain coins to purchase items from other players. But beware - once your character reaches level 10, the monsters start stealing loot back from you when they kill you. If you have an item that you dont want to lose, it would be best to keep it in one of the quick use slots.

Loot bags will remain available for opening for a certain amount of time. After that time, the image disappears and you will no longer be able to access it. To open a loot bag thats on the ground, simply click on the image. If another player has it opened already, you will not be able to open it until they have closed it.

After you die and respawn at your stone, you have 10 minutes to get back to where you died to retrieve your looted items. If you come across another players loot from a death, after the 10 minutes youll be able to take their loot as well.


To equip better armor, clothes or weapons simply click on the item in your bag or bank to pick it up. Click on your character page on the right of the screen and place the item in the spot its suppose to go. Certain items are level restricted so use care when trying to equip them. If something is too high for your character, simply save it until youre the correct level.


In the playing screen to the right, click on the suitcase image to open your bag. You will note there are 6 quick use slots below it. Place the object (fruit or health potion) into one of the slots and the image will appear in the Skill bar. When you need to use it, simply click on the image in the skill bar and your character will consume the item. Using them also has a cooldown period and cannot be used again until the countdown is up.

Purchase and Riding a Horse

Lance Freerider sells horses in Windy Waters Cove. If you open your map, you will notice it is located just north of where you started. Hes located in the northeast part of town, near the stables. When you purchase a horse, it will appear as a mount crystal - a small blue disk. Place the mount crystal in your quick use slot and it will appear in the skill bar. Click on the image in the skill bar to mount and dismount your horse. When you enter buildings or dungeons, your character will automatically dismount. As soon as you exit, you will remount it.

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Training A Pet

For this you will need to purchase platinum which can be used in the game for certain things that require it. Once youve acquired your platinum, return to the game and head back over to Lance Freerider. When you open the vendor window by clicking on him, youll click on Buy and purchase a pet certificate. Once purchased, it will appear in your bag. Click on Lance again and click the Horse image. It will open the train pet window. Place your certificate and mount crystal in the appropriate boxes and click apply. You now have a trained pet! Once you have your pet, you can rename them to whatever you choose by typing /namemount and your pet name.

Interacting with Doors

To enter buildings, simply hover your mouse over the door. When the door lights up, click and you will walk through it.
If you find a locked door, youll need a key to enter it. Keys can be found either in loot from a monster in that area or in chests.

Player to Player Trading

There are two ways you can purchase items from other players.

Player trade - While in the game, locate the player. When youre near them, click on the nearby characters tab to the right and their name will be located in the list. Click on their name then click "Request Trade". When the trade window opens, you each place your items and type the amount of coins in the appropriate areas and click accept. It will go to a confirm page. Click accept again and the trade will be complete.

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Auction House - From the website, hover your mouse over the "Community" tab and click on Auctions. All current listed auctions will appear. Select the auction of the item you wish you buy and place your bid or select "Buy Now" if the player set that up.
In both instances, after purchase, the item will appear in your bag or bank for use.

Using your Bank:

Every account has an account bank. You can access the items in the game at the bankers in towns or on the website in your character window. When you locate a banker, click on him to open your bank. Once open, you can place the items from your bag or equipped on your character inside the bank. All of your coins stay on your character and dont need to be stored. Once items are in your bank on one character, you can transfer them to other characters using the bank window on the website. You can arrange the items by typing /arrangebank. There is also a drop down menu that allows you to only see items in certain categories.


In the Community tab on the website, click on "Guilds". In that page, you can either choose to join an already existing guild or create one of your own and invite other players. If you choose to join an existing guild, simply click on the guild name and then "Request To Join". A request will be sent to the guild leader. Please note: your character will need to be level 10 before you can request to join a guild. By then, you will have created friendships with other players and you will have a better idea of what guild you would like to join. You can also leave the guild at any time after joining. If youre in a guild and wish to leave, follow the same steps to get back to the guild page and simply click "Leave Guild". No hard feelings will be had!


There are a number of quests to choose from located in the quest tab. They range from helping you start the game to extremely difficult and time-consuming. You can complete them as you choose or not at all. Its all your choice.!


Players can learn a trade skill at levels 10, 15, 20 and 25. Each char can have up to four trade skills with the limitation of two gathering and two crafting types per char. Some trade skills can be bought from vendors in Windy Waters Cove but for others you have to go to Lizper Falls. A trade skill costs 7silver 50copper. More information can be found in the Trade Skill guide.