Ogre Island Monster Guide

Islanders who have been banished from towns and are now considered outlaws. Watch for bandits, they look like regular players.
The island has a healthy supply of both Black and Grizzly bears. Beware of these creatures because they're vicious.
Bogs live deep in evergreen forests and swamps. Bogs will defend their territory so watch where you walk. They're half man, half dog, they're Bogs.
The landscape is crawling with all sorts of creepy critters, most carry a poisonous venom. Take plenty of antidote with you just in case.
Cyclops are extremely strong and extremely powerful. They were on the island first and they are not very pleased with their new inhabits. They are fast and they can hunt you down faster than you can retreat back to your home, beware!
Dragons are some of the most powerful creatures on the island. They can take out a group of ill prepared players in an instant. They come in many flavors and colors.
Giants live near mountains, they are slow and strong. Giants tend to live in small groups and some are very good magicians.
Ghosts haunt dungeons, caves, and castles. Your sword is useless against a ghost so bring some magic with you or you'll be joining them.
The landscape is crawling with imps of all shapes and sizes. Considered by most to be a minor nuisance, they can be dangerous for a lower level player. Imps are great to level up on quickly, but they will generally run from high level players.
These are common everyday farm creatures, they are harmless unless provoked. Wash your hands after handling the animals.
Lizpers live near riverbeds near the dead forest looking for fish and other critters. Little is known about Lizpers because most people never return from the dead forest.
Ogres live in mountain caves and dungeons. They sometimes venture down near the mountains at night. They have superior strength and magic ability. Ogres are man's #1 predator on the island. Any ogre can break a player in two with its bare hands so take care when exploring dungeons. You don't want your head on an Ogre's trophy wall.
Orcs live in the grasslands. They travel in small clans and set up temporary camps for hunting. Orcs hunt anything and if you're not careful they may hunt you.
Rovers are large creatures that roam the dry grasslands. They roam in packs and can rip a player to shreds in a matter of minutes. Its been said that a full grown rover can eat a full grown Grizzly bear in under 2 minutes.
Skeletons are the reanimated remains of fallen warriors. They are extremely hard to kill since there isn't much to hit.
These bones can be found littered throughout the tombs and dungeons of Ogre Island.
Thak Knights
Thak Knights are the warriors of Thak Karr. It is unknown if they are human. These superior trained knights are perfectly capable of murdering a high level player in seconds. Thak knights are not to be taken lightly.
Trolls live in forests. They gain strength from the night air, and roam in small groups. Trolls are known to be excellent with heavy weapons and magic. Beware of trolls when you travel alone. You will not find a troll under level 50 in ogre island.

These are small animals that will usually run from you if you see them. They don't fight unless they are backed into a corner. Don't feed the animals!

Worms live under the ground digging large borrows and engulfing unsuspecting prey with their razor sharp teeth. They can be found anywhere in the island so take care to make sure the ground you're walking in isn't shaking.

Undead walkers looking for fresh meat to devour. Zombies are slow, dumb, and weak, however their bite can be deadly so take care when inside a tomb.

There are many creatures to find and seek on Ogreisland.