Player Items

A big part of the game is finding, creating and using game items.
Collecting loot from monsters is simple, once you kill a monster a loot bag will pop up on the screen. You can simply click on loot to "pick it up" and click inside your backpack to place the item into your bag.
Equipping items is just as easy, simply pick up any item and place it on your character equipped screen. Many items are limited by classes, for example Mages use wands, staffs, Warriors use armor, weapons, etc.

Bank: All players also have a bank, which you can access at any bank in the game by talking to the banker NPCs. Once your bank is open you can move items from your bag into your bank, same way as loot bags. Items in your bank can also be access from the website to move between players and start auctions.

Crafting: There are several crafting trade skills available in the game. You are able to learn a new gathering skill at levels 10 and 25, and new crafting skills at 15 and 30. Crafting items will require resources and usually some type of game object to work with. For example Weapon Smith requires one of the anvils at the smithy work areas in various cities. The quality of the items will vary depending on the quality of the materials, your trade skill level, the work area you use, and more.

Gems and Slots: Wearable crafted items can be created with gem slots. Gems with magical properties can be added to items to make them more powerful. Gems can be created by the Jewelery skill, using the Jewelery vendors or trading with players. Both of these will require Gem Shards as a resource. Gem Shards can be find on certain monsters, some gathering skills and certain quests. You can replace existing Gems in slotted items to upgrade them, however the existing Gem will be lost.

Item Gemming... the NPC Jeweler can create the following....
  • Ruby x3 + Emerald x3 : Titans (STR)
  • Ruby x3 + Sapphire x3 : Camel (END)
  • Diamond x3 + Ruby x3 : Weasel (DEX)
  • Diamond x3 + Sapphire x3 : Leopard (QIK)
  • Emerald x3 + Sapphire x3 : Sage (INT)
  • Emerald x3 + Diamond x3 : Mage (MAG)

Quality and Item Wear: All items you can wear or wield have a quality rating to them. The better the quality the more effect the item will be. Item qualites are as follows, broken, inferior (-6), crude (-4), shoddy (-2), ordinary, good (+2), excellent (+4), superior (+6) and flawless (9).

Items that are worn and used in combat will be subject to item wear. Over time items will lose quality. You can see the quality and wear when hovering over items in the game. Qualities will drop to the next quality level at wear %, 90, 80, 70, 60, 40, 20, 10 and finally 0.